The 22nd iteration of the SLIM Brand Excellence Awards Commences!

The 22nd iteration of the SLIM Brand Excellence Awards Commences!

Launched under the theme “Logic behind the Magic”

For a significant duration of time, SLIM Brand Excellence has been celebrating supreme achievements within the nation, recognizing remarkable marketing endeavors and remarkable brand narratives. In a grand launching ceremony, SLIM recently introduced the most recent edition of this esteemed award ceremony, themed ‘Logic Behind the Magic’.

This theme was chosen as it signifies the importance of blending strategy with innovation in the creation of strong brands.

Chinthaka Perera, President of SLIM stated ‘In this era, effective brand management balances data insights and emotional resonance for loyalty – where analytics meet authenticity. Amid change, adept management means adapting while staying true to values. In 2023, it’s about experiences and connections, not just sales. Our local market values quality and reliability. Navigating Sri Lanka’s market means understanding culture, meeting needs, and honoring heritage. A consistent, high-quality reputation is vital. SLIM Brand Excellence uplifts our brands globally. With confidence, we’ll propel our brands, witnessing locals achieve remarkable milestones.

Gayan Perera, Vice President – Events & Sustainability Projects at SLIM stated “In today’s volatile environment, successful brand management balances proactive and reactive approaches, maintaining focus on long-term brand health and reputation. Brands navigating storms can emerge stronger, showcasing resilience and adaptability. Over two decades, SLIM Brand Excellence raises the bar, nurturing crucial intangible assets – the brand portfolio – for lasting business success.”

Enoch Perera, Project Chairperson for SLIM Brand Excellence commented “This year, the rivalry is formidable, yet it brings along a collection of fresh accolades to be presented. The inaugural addition is the ‘Green accolade,’ introduced in response to the growing corporate emphasis on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Among the categories facing intense rivalry this season are the ‘Export Brand Award’ and the ‘SME Local/Export Brand Award.’ To all aspiring contenders, I extend my best wishes, and I genuinely hope that your dedication endures in the times ahead.”

The SLIM Brand Excellence Awards will serve as a platform for constructive rivalry among Sri Lankan marketers. This competition reflects SLIM’s genuine endeavor to elevate marketing as a pivotal economic force, aiding organizations in formulating and implementing potent strategies that triumph in the marketplace and, ultimately, capture the affectionof consumers.

Sanath Senanayake, CEO of SLIM stated ‘SLIM Brand Excellence is not merely an accolade; it is the embodiment of a relentless pursuit of perfection, a symphony of innovation and strategy that resonates with the hearts of consumers and reverberates throughout the industry. It is the art of crafting a lasting impression, the science of forging unbreakable connections, and the soul of a brand’s triumphant journey toward becoming an irreplaceable icon in the tapestry of commerce. I extend my gratitude every stakeholder of this awards ceremony with glitter and glamour for their relentless contribution.’

There are 15 categories under which submissions can be made. Brands can be entered under multiple categories, encompassing the five primary categories as well as the 10 special award categories.

The assessment standards rely on Brand Intent, Brand Content, Brand Process, and Brand Performance. These constitute the fundamental cornerstones of a brand’s achievements, conceived by the renowned marketing authority of Sri Lanka, the late Professor Uditha Liyanage.

A panel of distinguished and widely acknowledged judges will evaluate all entrants. The status of the brand will be judged initially through the written submission.

Himalee Madurasinghe, head of the Jury for SLIM Brand Excellence Awards 2023 stated ‘Amid challenges, some brands not only survived difficulties but also ventured into uncharted territories, overcoming obstacles by fusing strategy with innovation. We look forward to recognizing and honouring these exceptional brands that truly exemplify excellence by turning adversity into opportunity and setting benchmarks that inspire others.

In its entirety, the Brand Excellence Awards are positioned to offer robust and healthy competition. Numerous companies and brands that have achieved significant milestones throughout the year will be presented with the opportunity to exhibit their dedicated endeavors and tangible outcomes. This platform serves as a stage where their hard work and accomplishments can be recognized and appreciated by a wider audience, contributing to the overall enhancement and acknowledgment of their contributions to the marketing profession.


Photo Caption- The highly anticipated launch of the 22nd SLIM Brand Excellence Awards