Softlogic Information Technologies together with Syntrex brings EDB Open Source Data Management Platform

Softlogic Information Technologies together with Syntrex brings EDB Open Source Data Management Platform

Softlogic Information Technologies, one of the leading software and hardware solutions providers in the country together with Syntrex Global Technologies, recently introduced a new open source software, EnterpriseDB (EDB), a database platform developed by Enterprise Postgress Company. As the EDB representative in South East Asia, Syntrex global technologies teamed up with Softlogic Information Technologies and organized a breakfast forum on 21st January 2020 at the Galle Face Hotel to meet up with the customers and familiarize them with EDB.  Softlogic Information Technologies and Syntrex Global Technologies also established a joint venture with the objective of taking Syntrex’s Products and services to the Asia Pacific region through the center of excellence established in Sri Lanka.

The forum shared valuable knowledge on EDB whilst focusing on the benefits of moving to the EDB platform. Syntrex has been marketing open source products and services whilst generating potential business opportunities. As a leader in open source software development, Syntrex Global Technologies identified EDB as an alternative to other database solutions, hence endorses the same. EDB is gradually gaining momentum due to its affluent features, affordability and market value, making it a great contestant.

“We are highly excited about this new venture which enables us to expand our scope of solutions. We organized this forum as we have identified EDB as a highly productive platform which is expected to attract a huge customer base. We are looking forward to work closely with Syntrex and bring more and more versatile solutions.’’ Commented Roshan Rassool, Director/CEO of Softlogic Information Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.

The EDB Postgres Platform is an open source database with flexible deployment options, accompanied by tool kits for management, integration, and migration. EDB provides an optimized performance, greater scalability, security and reliability to power majority of enterprise workloads. EDB Postgress can be deployed to minimize database cost up to 80% and EDB is also compatible with other data base solutions which allows it to be used as a substitute to migrate existing applications, complement and coexist with other existing infrastructure.

With 16 offices worldwide, EDB provides postgress making organizations smarter whilst minimizing risk and complexity with enterprise proven-management tools, security enhancements and other database compatibility. Highly distinguished companies from a wide range of fields including financial services, government, media and communication and Information technology have already embraced EDB. EDB platform includes a failover manager, backup, recovery tool and replication server, all of which are critical to the implementation of EDB Postgress. The platform consists of four major components, that is two database options, enterprise tools, deployment options and finally service and support. EDB’s postgres platform is highly customizable according to the customer requirement and caters to almost all the client requirements. The platform is complemented by highly skilled professionals who provide 24/7 support, training and certification.

Open source tools are gradually becoming popular among many business sectors as they allow much needed cost savings and improved processing capability. The venture proves to be very productive as EDB is one of the highly rated database management platforms and Softlogic Information Technologies, along with its expertise can provide an overall solution to the customers through EDB.

Softlogic Information Technologies expects to work hand in hand with Syntrex Global Technologies to provide EDB services empowering customers with all the benefits of an open source data management platform. Softlogic Information Technologies brings in years of experience in delivering high-end solutions and is composed of best-in class IT consultants and engineers who deliver a highly satisfying service. Among the services tailored by Softlogic Information Technologies are implementation of data center solutions, core network switching and routing solutions, security solutions, Data backup and archival solutions, wireless solutions and outsourcing services such as IT help desk facilities, off-site data storage facilities, product maintenance services.