Its exquisite range of fragrances now available at One Galle Face

Sri Lankan commercial forestry leader Sadaharitha Plantations, proudly presents its exquisite line of perfumes – Oud Galleria, now open at One Galle Face, Colombo. Oud Galleria offers a tantalising range of fragrances made in France by talented perfumers, concocted with a variety of lavish scents that are extracted from Agarwood or Oud – which happens to be one of the most exclusive and expensive raw materials highly sought-after by the world’s premium perfumers.

Oud, often known as liquid gold, is extracted from Agar trees and is the foundation of all Oud Galleria products. Sadaharitha sources the finest and most exquisite Oud from the healthiest Agar trees grown on rich Sri Lankan soil and diverse regions across the globe. The extraction and creation process is conducted with utmost care coupled with 20 years of trusted Sadaharitha expertise and technology, adding an extra depth of irresistible intensity. Moreover, the base notes of oud linger on the skin far longer than any other raw ingredient, thus providing a manifestation of joy that isn’t fleeting.

Commenting on the lush and lavish range, Chairman of Sadaharitha Group Sathis Navarathna states: “The right fragrance can serve as an extension of one’s personality, and Oud Galleria offers an elite range of perfumes and oils that emanate an unforgettable bold statement!” Oud Galleria’s bespoke fragrances offer an unquestionably desirable sensorial accessory like no other, while bringing exquisite Oud experiences to life through which magic and luxury are born.

Oud Galleria perfumes are blended to perfection with the most stunning and incredible aromatic notes. The MAJESTIC fragrance combines core notes of leather and woody notes of Frankincense with prized oud for a truly decadent olfactory experience. The warm notes of sandalwood merged with oud gives the CLOUDS fragrance a sophisticated, smooth and alluring aroma, while ROZA – a lush concoction of delicate rose and oud – is a divinely sensuous and romantic fragrance truly fit for a goddess.

Oud Galleria’s ORYX is composed of a decadent overdose of exquisite ingredients like Patchouli, producing an incredible floral base that compliments the oud. For an intense yet tantalisingly seductive fragrance, the mint blended Oud perfume PROMISE is perfect to elevate one’s supremacy and mystique. And for the more adventurous of individuals, Oud Galleria offers a crisp and spicy yet smooth perfume named PURE, which is a combination of cinnamon essence and rich smoky oud.

With notes of Bulgarian rose and citrus, DESERT ROSE is a classy fragrance that will leave you feeling ethereal and powerful. OUD ROYAL is another powerful fragrance with woody notes, offering a captivating, deep and enigmatic vibe fit for royalty. Furthermore, Oud Galleria also offers alluring Oud oils which allow you to indulge in the absolute luxury of undiluted and pure Oud aroma perfected by Sadaharitha.

All of these exquisite perfumes and Agarwood products are available for purchase at Oud Galleria which is now open at One Galle Face, Colombo. Here’s your chance to indulge in the true luxury of exotic perfumes for a fashion statement that is absolutely incomparable!

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