Pelwatte donates milk powder to   ‘Mithuru Mithuro’ organisation

Pelwatte donates milk powder to ‘Mithuru Mithuro’ organisation

Pelwatte, the leading local dairy manufacturing company conducted several consumer driven CSR projects which manifested the company’s commitment towards the social upliftment amidst the Covid-19 crisis.

Mithuru Mithuro Movement is an organization mainly focused on rehabilitation and purification of substance abused personals in Sri Lanka. The organization is registered under government and National Dangerous Drugs Control Board. Over 350 individuals are being provided residential treatment at  the four branches of Mithuru Mithuro which are located in Pelmadulla, Kuruvita, Gampaha and Piliyandala.

“As a socially responsible organisation, when Pelwatte management was made aware on the requirement of the daily milk powder for the residents’ use and the issues the organisation faced procuring the requirement in the face of an uncalled for crisis such as Covid-19; as a local dairy manufacturer we were much obliged to fulfil their request,” elaborated

The residents of the ‘Mithuru Mithuro’ organisation are funded solely by the monthly financial support of the parents of the residents, however due to the lockdown and the social distancing requirements imposed by the Government from March 2020, the organisation could not suffice their daily milk powder requirement of 10kg per day. Under such context, Pelwatte positively catered towards the requirement and donated a consignment of Pelwatte FMP to the organisation that could help the organisation sustain in the times of dire need.

Taking the health risk of the situation into consideration, Pelwatte would take all the necessary precautions and will follow strict hygiene procedures during the manufacturing and delivery process, ascertaining that the staff and all stakeholders involved are well protected.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Pelwatte will continue to engage in manifold CSR projects that will empowered and enable the Sri Lanka to restart the country in the face of the post covid complexities that may hinder the livelihoods and the existence of the locals, due to projected economic downfalls and recession.

Pelwatta has always considered CSR initiatives as a part of their company vision. The precedent of the previous years included several community development programs in Badulla district in the previous years that catered towards the estate community, in the area. The company is looking forward to continuing the tradition, while contributing towards the GOSL’s goals of dairy self sufficiency in Sri Lanka.

About Pelwatte

Pelwatte Dairy Industries Ltd is a fast growing organization engaged in the manufacture and distribution of superior quality dairy products country-wide. Many growth areas have been identified and the Company is moving at a rapid pace to emerge as a force to reckon within the industry. Pelwatte Dairy Industries is engaged in producing milk products of international quality and the flagship Pelwatte brand enjoys the complete confidence of customers who have been our source of strength and motivation.

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Handing over the consignment of Pelwatte Milk Powder to Mithuru Mithuro Representative