HUAWEI nova 7i: Outstanding photography and gaming experience

HUAWEI nova 7i: Outstanding photography and gaming experience

For an entertainment smartphone to stand out, photography and gaming is key. Huawei recently launched its HUAWEI nova 7i – equipped with a 48MP AI-powered quad-camera, it can handle all the photography needs a user could want Whether it is shooting in high-resolution mode, utilizing its ultra wide-angle capabilities, using macro mode or getting beautiful snaps in portrait mode. On top of that, it is also powered with the industry-leading 7nm Kirin 810 chip for improved gaming and AI capabilities.

AI-powered quadcamera comes with strong image processing capabilities

. HUAWEI nova 7i is powered by the Kirin 810 chip that uses Huawei’s self-developed Da Vinci NPU architecture, encompassing powerful AI computing that aids smart scene recognition for professional AI photo enhancement effects.

48MP Hi-resolution Photo

With a native resolution of 48MP, the main camera is built for high-resolution photography. The Kirin 810 also uses a fourth-generation ISP (Image Signal Processor), significantly improving the quality of photos taken under low-light settings. In an environment with insufficient light or darker night settings, you can even choose the handheld Super Night Mode which utilizes multi-frame composition  With this, in situations where you’d think your image is underexposed, your pictures come out crisp and clear thanks to  Super Night Mode.

Super Night Mode Landscape

To capture breathtaking panoramic landscapes, the 120-degree ultra-wide angle lens will capture nearly double of what you would get with a standard 78-degree lens. Elsewhere, with the 2MP macro and Bokeh lenses, you can capture detailed close-ups and stunning portraits.

Powerful Kirin 810 and optimization for mainstream games

The Kirin 810 chip is manufactured with a flagship-level 7nm process and its transistor density is 50% higher than that of the 8nm Snapdragon 730. Not only this, but energy efficiency is also 20% greater. Moreover, the GPU is customized based on Mali-G52. According to GFX bench tests, the GPU performance of Kirin 810 is 15% better than the Snapdragon 730, which is more than enough to work for medium to large 3D games.

The all-new GPU Turbo also brings a huge improvement in 3D computing performance over the last generation, as well as enhancing game responsiveness. Currently the GPU Turbo supports and greatly optimizes dozens of popular mainstream games. While playing PUBG on the HUAWEI nova 7i, you can choose the HD image quality and high frame rate option so that even when you’re driving, the video runs smoothly without a problem.

40W HUAWEI SuperCharge with huge 4200mAh battery

In order to accommodate the ideal photography and gaming experience, HUAWEI nova 7i is packed with a large 4200mAh battery. Combined with the excellent energy efficiency of the Kirin 810, you can access audio-visual entertainment for almost an entire day. Additionally, the phone supports 40W HUAWEI SuperCharge by which your phone can be charged up to 70% in only half an hour

In short, the HUAWEI nova 7i is an up and coming entertainment smartphone with outstanding photography and gaming performance. If you’re looking for a phone under Rs.55000.00– the HUAWEI nova 7i is not one to miss.