Huawei introduces AI technology to help Sri Lankan Medical Professionals to Better Fight against COVID-19 Pandemic

Huawei introduces AI technology to help Sri Lankan Medical Professionals to Better Fight against COVID-19 Pandemic

Huawei the leading global ICT solutions provider, has further extended the support to Sri Lanka’s fight against COVID-19 pandemic via launching AI-Assisted Automatic and Quick Diagnosis technology platform to frontline medical professionals.

This AI-assisted system empowered by Huawei’s Cloud technology, is deployed at Colombo North Teaching Hospital in Ragama integrating with the existing Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), will automatically, quickly, and accurately output CT quantification results to imaging and clinical doctors. This is further alleviating the shortage of imaging doctors who can accurately diagnose COVID-19, relieving the pressures of quarantines, and reducing the heavy workloads of doctors in Sri Lanka who are working tirelessly to fight against COVID -19.

“Our Government of Sri Lanka considers Health as one of the main pillars in Government’s primary responsibility, and health systems are the first in line to fight the pandemic. I believe in this crucial time, the role of leading technology companies such as Huawei’s support to our health care sector towards fighting against COVID – 19 pandemic is very important as they have the tools and power to help fight this disease and make the world and our country a safe place. We are looking forward to make Sri Lanka safe and recover faster from this situation to bring normalcy to our citizens’ lives. We appreciate Huawei’s initiative, which is so useful at a time a country like Sri Lanka needs everyone so much”, said Dr. Anil Samaranayake, Director – Health Information, at the Ministry of Health, Nutrition & Indigenous Medicine.

According to the solution, HUAWEI Cloud leverages the computer vision and medical image analysis technologies to segment the multiple pulmonary ground glass opacities (GGOs) and lung consolidation and make quantitative evaluations through CTs of patients’ lungs. It combines clinical information and laboratory results to help doctors more accurately distinguish between early, advanced, and severe stages of COVID-19, facilitating early screening and prevention/control. For confirmed cases in hospitals, this AI-assist service can perform registration and quantitative analysis on the 3D dynamic data of multiple rechecks within a short period of time, helping doctors effectively evaluate patients’ conditions and drug use effects.

In recent times Huawei Cloud has been working with various industries to carry out multiple AI-based scientific research projects on COVID-19. Huawei has also joined hands with countries like Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh and others to address on-ground communication challenges, ensuring connectivity and supporting essential services with innovative technologies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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