Huawei and partners win prestigious international awards for demonstrations cases of AI in industry

Huawei and partners win prestigious international awards for demonstrations cases of AI in industry

Huawei and its partners have won two prestigious awards for cases demonstrating practical applications of AI in industry. First, during the recent AI for Good Global Summit in Geneva on May 30-31, the International Communication Union (ITU) gave an award to Huawei and Hunan Valin Xiangtan Iron and Steel’s for their use case of the Huawei Pangu AI Model in the steel industry.

Secondly, the World Summit on the Information Society, an ITU event held on May 30 in Geneva, awarded an Excellence Certificate to Huawei and Saudi Telecom Company for their “SmartTruck” project, a mobile classroom that offers digital training to seniors.

The first award was selected among submissions called by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to populate a repository of AI-driven solutions for sustainable development.

The pilot release was announced at the recent AI for Good Global Summit, the leading United Nations platform for dialogue on sustainable AI development, in Geneva, Switzerland. The use of Pangu AI Model in the steel industry stood out among hundreds of submissions.

Tomas Lamanauskas, Deputy Secretary-General of ITU, said the winning use cases exhibited clarity, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) alignment, AI’s impact on SDGs and adherence to ITU scope.

The certificate Huawei and partner Hunan Valin Xiangtan Iron and Steel earned for their use case stood out among global submissions at the recent AI for Good Global Summit 2024

These applications will thrive “in the three major areas of network infrastructure management, computing infrastructure, and data circulation infrastructure,” he added.

About 6,000 participants joined in person the ITU-organized AI for Good summit, which showcased innovations in generative AI, robotics, and brain-machine interfaces that can accelerate efforts to tackle worldwide challenges.

The SmartTruck project of the Saudi Telecom Company, created in a partnership with Huawei, aims to bridge the digital divide for seniors by offering digital skills training programs. The project received an Excellence Certificate at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS+20) organized by the ITU on May 30.

So far, over 2,100 seniors in Saudi Arabia have benefited from 150 training sessions offered during phase one of the program. The project is run under Huawei’s TECH4ALL digital inclusion initiative, which endeavors to use technology to create a more inclusive and sustainable digital world.

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Image 01 – Tomas Lamanauskas (left), Deputy Secretary-General of ITU, presents the certificate to Huawei