EY to conduct hands on training session on the latest technologies in Automation for Corporates

EY to conduct hands on training session on the latest technologies in Automation for Corporates

The New Year 2020 sets the stage for new technologies that is sure to disrupt the set methods of the business sector. The emerging technological innovations in Automation have reengineered the way businesses operate and provide huge potential in improving efficiency and increasing the quality of work output. These technologies have raised a fundamental question – “Are you ready for Robots?”

EY is set to conduct a hands-on training for process automation that is to be held on the 12th of February 2020 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at Hilton Colombo Residencies, Union Place Colombo 02. This full day training session will act as a catalyst in providing a simple understanding of the most popular Automation tools in the market and equip you with basic knowledge on what you may need to know to use these Tools, where the participants will receive an education as the official of EY share their experience in RPA and enable them to understand the powerful automation tools available in the market while providing firsthand experience.

The event will be facilitated by Hiranthi Fonseka, Partner EY Sri Lanka, Johann Anderson, Manager, Financial Accounting Advisory service, EY Sri Lanka and Avinash Fernando, Assistant Manager, RPA, EY Sri Lanka. The attending professionals possess hands-on experience in working with Automation Tools, expertise in Business process mapping & reengineering and one of EY’s key resources in Financial Accounting reporting and analytical services. Furthermore, Avinash Fernando specializes in Automation Tools of Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere and Experience in using VBA. Avinash also possesses expertise in software engineering using languages such as C++.

The training program features a brief introduction on robotics as well as training in tools including UI Path, Blue Prism and Visual Basic for Applications. Moreover, the topic of Implementation and Case Studies of Process Automations. This program is deemed as highly beneficial for those working in the operations, finance, HR, business processing and IT sectors.

RPA is emerging as a powerful tool for businesses globally, however it is still a developing market in Sri Lanka and service providers in RPA play a vital role on the successful implementation and management of the Automation Journey. EY believes a successful RPA journey consist of numerous challenges. As one of the largest RPA consultancies, EY offers support and expertise in taking you through a successful RPA journey with minimum pain points. The Global knowledge base that EY possesses and shared views of all EY firms will provide your company a benchmarked and tested successful implementation process for RPA.

Interested applicants are required to register by confirming their participation to Thilini Perera on 0115 578 859 or by email [email protected] and [email protected].