Clogard celebrates 25 years of SLDA certification, championing a cavity-free nation

Clogard celebrates 25 years of SLDA certification, championing a cavity-free nation

Clogard, the trusted oral care brand from Hemas Consumer Brands, proudly announces its 25th consecutive year of approval by the Sri Lanka Dental Association (SLDA). With an unbroken partnership that spans a quarter of a century, Clogard remains committed to promoting oral health and realizing its vision of a Cavity-Free Nation through innovative initiatives.

Clogard’s long-standing SLDA certification is a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of oral hygiene.

Throughout the years, Clogard has actively collaborated with the SLDA, working together to improve oral health awareness and dental care practices. This continued partnership has allowed Clogard to carry out various activities aimed at educating individuals and communities about the importance of maintaining optimal oral hygiene.

Clogard’s commitment to excellence is further exemplified by the fact that it is the first oral care brand in the country to receive the SLS certification. This recognition, which Clogard obtained over a decade ago showcases the brand’s dedication and commitment towards continuous improvement in giving their consumer a superior quality product.  

The “Dual Action” concept developed by Clogard differentiates the brand by offering a unique combination of clove oil to fight germs and active fluoride to strengthen the enamel, resulting in stronger and healthier teeth. This innovative approach emphasizes Clogard’s commitment to providing comprehensive oral care solutions that address multiple aspects of oral health.

By choosing Clogard, consumers can trust that they are investing in a brand that not only prioritizes their oral health but also actively contributes to the vision of a Cavity-Free Nation by providing maximum cavity protection. As Clogard continues to strengthen its partnership with the SLDA, the brand remains committed to advancing oral care research, launching innovative products, and driving awareness campaigns to inspire a preventive approach to oral health.


Image Caption- Rochelle Perera, Senior Brand Manager, Hemas Consumer Brands, Medhavi Jayaratne, Senior Brand Manager, Derrick Antony, General Manager with Dr. Hemantha Amarasinghe, President of SLDA, Dr. Vipula Wickramasinghe, Hony. Secretary